A normally closed two-stage diaphragm preset valve for use with electronic relay control. Stainless steel or brass pilot valves are available. Dimensionally interchangeable with the 650 Hydraulic Preset Valves.


Size: 1-1/2", & 2" 
Type: SP, SPA, SS & SSD 
Pressure: 150 PSI (10.5 BAR) 
Temperature: -40F to 160F (-40C to 71C) 
Flow Capacity: Up to 200 GPM 
Viscosity: 2800 SSU (580 cPs) 
Body Material: Aluminum or Stainless Steel
Solenoid Material: Brass or Stainless Steel 
Seals: FKM
Voltage: 12 or 24 VDC; 110 or 240 VAC







Compatible Meters

  • 682 Piston Meter

    The TCS 682 reciprocating piston flow meter combines outstanding accuracy (0.1% of flow rate) with one of the widest turndown ratios in the industry (...
  • TCS 700-15

    The 700 1.5" rotary flow meter is engineered to meter liquid at up to 60 GPM (227 LPM).
  • TCS 700-20

    The 700 2" rotary flow meter is engineered to meter liquid at up to 100 GPM (380 LPM).
  • TCS 700-25

    The 700 2" rotary flow meter is engineered to meter liquid at up 150 GPM (567 LPM).


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